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Secret Of Getting Blessing 

It is the hope of the future presidential candidate. Many rumors like this: There are two very good candidate, if elected, they will take action to “save the country” or “receiving countries,” who know! But are unhesitatingly around on forums across the states,  praised their “rescue” plan in future is somewhat? But considering that bank how these candidates have enough money to cover for a great nation like the United States- is rolling downhill now, so how can they save it. United-States country was in recession at an alarming rate. Need to rescue is necessary.




 But the key to solving this problem is not “money” as is, but to call upon God to bless the nation! Countless people are waiting for a new president. What hope is there in him? In spite of every President has influence on the state of every other nation differently . But the result of all the aspects and the prosperity of the country where the president is not due to his giving, but it is due to the blessings of God from the hearts of people to Him. In the Bible, Psalm 33:12  “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord and the people whom he had chosen for his own inheritance.” Over the hundreds of years of the nation’s founding, the United-States residents should answer this crucial question: The country is a world superpower, the rich and civilized country that no one can compare, it’s due to the efforts of the president or the blessing of God?

Let us not forget that one of the former leaders had “won” -when they decided to abolish a prayer in schools. Since then, have so many school shootings happened, and you know how many innocent students had to lie down! Supposed to save for this failure, the leaders of the American should know that: Consequences abolition prayer in schools is a wrong decision.  It needs to restore that foundation as before. But not! They find out how to stop this, all the other ways to hold up. But as against the less- the more broken; come to more serious things. In the Bible, Psalm 127:1 Word of God says, “Except the Lord build the house, they labour  in vain that build it: except the Lord keeps the city, the watchman wake but in vain.”

Through the Bible, some questions to ask: How many people do not worship God in this American Country, it may impede the blessing of God? The answer: Yes. It was a failure for the country. But because God loves, He is always waiting for them show their thankfulness and returning to worship the Lord so the soul is saved. Then they asked: But people who worship other gods still ample wealth is explained how? Bible in the book of Matthew 5: 45 Word of God said: “That ye maybe the children of your father that is in heaven : for he make his sun to rise on the evil and on the good and send rain on the just and on the unjust.” if someones in the situation of ample wealth but do not worship God, they must understand that: He is patiently waiting for them to learn to be thankful, they should not pride and arrogance; and consider themselves or the idol is the center of all the success, that is dangerous. In the Bible, the book Deuteronomy 8: 17 Word of God said, “And thou say in thy heart my power and the might of mine hand had gotten me this wealth.” There is a very real fear, needs to be said on that is: 1 / Now there are many people who consider this material life, is worth more than the worship of God. Thay believer Gosd as only need to have, then giving up on Sundays to expect to get rich. But not to worry about that. Please keep all the money you earn on Sunday and left the worship of God then see how much you get and then you wait to see that amount sufficient to cover your health on some day or not! This has happened to countless people. Some people have died when very young age! This situation must be God’s punishment? Please reply: Surely not. For he is God of love. But it’s the loss of a blessing from God.

2 / The unbelievers are afraid to believe in God. Because believers have come to worship Sunday, while other religions do not? Do not forget that Sunday is the day that God blessed them. Therefore health and money you earn in six days, it belongs to you, you are happy to live in happiness, but it does not belong to await illness cover hospital or tribulation and other strikes. In the life of a person would have to undergo many unforeseen twists, but religions can not save people. The rock gods thanks to human always helps. And after a long time rejected God, you’re not smart enough to realize that? You do not forget that: No one loves us more than God love us. Nobody can save us, but He Himself.

Servant   Elijah  Nghiem ( Nghiem Ha Loc)


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