Homeland Eternal

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Homeland Eternal

A United States travelers to Poland visiting a professor; of religion; be respected; famous and wise. Visitor noticed this professor’s room is nothing but a table, a chair, with a few books. Amazed by that austere conditions, he asked: ” Where is your bed cabinet? ” Professor said: My cupboard bed? What about where is your bed cabinet, buddy? ” The American  protested: “Bed cabinet? I am just a tourist over here. ” The man said: “Well me too” And all we are people like that. 

We know that, life of whom believe in Jesus was a pilgrim in the world. So all the asset that we have, whether how big the value is, sooner or later, surely one day we have to abandon it. Not only it just people believes in Jesus in a state like that but everyone who is present on this world will come to a time that ended the life; it will start to happen. In the Bible the book Hebrew 11:13, Bible records who put their trust in God , they have seen the hope of the motherland in the future an eternal life afterlife surely. So ” they have confessed that they were strangers  and pilgrims on the earth.”


In fact, life seems to have much to worry about. But for many people , the worry has account for almost life time since there are many people afraid to close their eyes sweep their hands, then do not have a chance to worry about. For this reason, many people when alive, enlist the worry out of this and then worry about other thing concern for life and still want to worry!  That’s why in the Bible book of the Ecclesiastical 10:9, king Salomon had inspired by the Holy Spirit so that he exclaimed : ” Whatsoever Thy hand find to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor devise, nor knowledge , nor wisdom in the grave, wither thou goes! ” This Bible verse tell us that: People dying is not the end.


Ecclesiastical 12:7, God’s Word says, ” Then shall the dust  return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.” The one follows God, worships God, when dies, the soul return at the hand of God then there is nothing more than happy. But people don’t follow God, not worship God, when dead, the soul must also return to the hand of God. So there is nothing to fear at all! So, why you do not believe in Jesus Christ and not worship God when still alive then when close eyes, hoping God care for your soul? 

 A dangerous thing is that, people do not understand why rejecting God! Considering this, there are many reasons leading people to refuse to worship God. Behinds the reject of God in people, the main reason is people already reject God in their heart , so Satan had the opportunity to lead people to an object concept believed dead. But man cannot discover the nature of evil and its extremely danger. Moreover, the period of God final judgment  has not come yet, so countless people just disregard the sufferings afterlife .

Although God has deliberately warning to everyone on earth know the terrible event in the next life even in this life . But billions of people are looking for every way to refuse . It also means that they deceive their own souls. Not the other accomplices of Satan to consecrate the soul to it! Until the deception was exposing  by the truth, the soul then has no chance to repent! The word of God says in the bible book of John 3:36  ” He that believe on the Son has everlasting life: and he that believe not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abide on him.” People do not live forever which is required of the death. Once dead, where will you go. Theses are the paramount importance that everyone should care ? These are what you have to worry even when you was on earth . Across the door of death will not have the presence of any religion to save you. That is what I published under judge bible is the word of God to everyone to awake . In the bible Proverb 14:12 God foretold “


There is a way which seem right unto a man, but the end there are the ways of death.” If you have questions to ask: what is the way of its patch? Please reply: that is the way wide include all religions on earth . That path is not the Truth. And the path of Truth means to put faith in the substitutionary death of Jesus and worship God.

Servant  Elijah  Nghiem ( Nghiêm Hà Lộc)