Messiah Has Come

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Messiah Has Come

        Immediately after the soccer match in Athens Greek – a few years ago, has more than twenty one people died, and more than fifty wounded.

        The tragedy occurred; when a very passionate crowd, meet before the victory of the home team- by running out stadiums overflowing blindly. What they are not aware of; there is only one entrance and exit door opened at the bottom of the twenty stairs, the rest were locked. As the crowd approach the door, they were herded back because there is no way out, a whole mass of people behind impatient, continue pushing forward. They do not understand that the road ahead was seal tight. Countless people screaming, crying, screaming, obtained relief , because it was a lot of pent pile of people stepped on! The fans continued to shout too loud that they cannot hear the anguished cries of countless people- are in the state of being tramped! They are no different from death now by sanctimonious by penalties trampled to death so savagely.


 When discussing the spiritual aspects, the Bible recorded Jesus said the word of God in the book of John 10:9 ” I am the door : by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.” Considering the fact, then everyone thought that: after death, I will step right into the door of Heaven to enjoy the joy and blessings since I did many good works, good deeds while I living on earth! Unfortunately, only Jesus is the unique door, which people only enter by faith through His substitutionary death on the cross Himself. Man can not be saved by works. So, besides Jesus, is there any door for His unbelievers hope for? If anyone kept deliberately – clung to hope in afterlife without Jesus is likely hope that there is no escape, died during football matches. In the Bible book of John 3:36 Jesus said: ” He that believe on the Son has everlasting life; and he that believe not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abides on him.” Jesus came to the world two thousand years ago. But every year on this point, the joys of Jesus’s birth is welcome back. Billion of people, immersed in the joyful color lights. The Christmas hymns echoed everywhere. This is the “good news” for the world . If you have questions to ask : Who is Jesus ? I would answer you: Jesus is God Himself , for love of humanity that He is the Incarnation to save the world. He is the Truth. So He is the only one who been called Monotheistic God, distinguish Him who he is the Living God, with the lifeless gods.

       Mention to the Bible is mention to Truth. Because the Truth is the living Word of God. So the word of God spoken to as a clear understand and decisively. Therefore the Bible does not give anyone the opportunity to doubt – or debate. Such as: When He says- He is the door, who put the faith in him will be saved. The fact that is the case ! Because He is the Everlasting Living God, never die, so He has power to put people who believe in Him to heaven!  Outside Jesus all subjects belief not like Him . So how the death guide the living to where? Not mention yet to lead believers to heaven. Suppose if someone says that: besides Jesus there is also a wealth of other door I could enter . Well, that means that I join to some collective belief, than to enter heaven. We should see an important difference is this: The death toll in Greek soccer match , they died: because the door locked but not notified. And in terms of belief. Jesus clearly announced to people know: ” He is the door: If any man by whom in, he shall be saved; they will be out and find  pasture.” So that means : He is the only hope for eternal life – for all people who desires of heaven  afterlife, after finish the last breath in this world. 

       Someone asked me: Have you ever change your thought – and then reject faith in Jesus? I would reply: I think: It is not me alone, but I believe, everyone on earth existed through all times, surely will not be able to utter a word unhelpful arrogant and deficitl , knowing you are in a family, being raised fully by parents but really that back up voice asking parents: Who are you? Parents! I was not born by you! In opposite, I would respond aggressively and harassed to anyone whether that person riches or fame to a matter of convincing me to reject biological parents to get them replace my parents.

         On the spiritual side too: I was in a vast universe created by God, a warm earth with  the people around created by God too. Really enjoying things and numerous delicacies bestowed by God, Then after fathers sinned, mankind must embrace death both physically and spiritually . It was He who come to the world as human being, sacrificed, died unconditionally to all people on the cross . Three days after his death He has risen , as He had said earlier. Jesus says in the book of John 14:19 ” because I live, ye shall live also.” So, I am greatly indebted  to Jesus all my life. And my undying belief; will always in me until the day Jesus took me to heaven.

Servant  Elijah  Nghiem ( Nghiêm Hà Lộc)